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What kind of education is essential for a successful future?

What should your child know and be able to do to be in demand and ready for global changes?

How can your child develop capacity for innovative thinking and creative problem-solving skills?

Go To – is an innovative, creative and professional team of experts in the field of secondary education abroad, running on a modern internet resource platform. It provides parents and children with rapid access to information, advice, and services in relation to selection of and admission to secondary schools abroad.

We provide practical and proven recommendations for successful school entry.
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We have more than 20 years of experience in preparation, selection and enrolment of children aged 6-17 years in foreign schools.

We offer a unique complex test of types of thinking, identifying aptitude for different types of activities, and a three-tiered interview to determine your child’s psychological readiness for independent life and study abroad.

We offer QuickSearch, a service for school and programme selection based on the individual child’s criteria and preferences.

We do not sell schools; instead, we help you achieve your goal, by selecting a school that would be a perfect fit for your child.

We cooperate with selective and top-rated schools and have extensive experience in enrolling kids in public schools.

We help choose programmes and subjects based on your child’s ultimate goal of learning.


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Professional experts, psychologists and consultants will develop a strategy for admission and/or recommendations for further actions.

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